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handmadebyme_sg's Journal

Handmade by me (Singapore)
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We aim to form a closely-knit community for handmade jewellery lovers by sharing.
We aim to form a closely-knit community for handmade jewelry/jewellery lovers by sharing.

Membership is open. We would encourage all members to share their services:
- links to tutorials online
- bulk purchase sprees from overseas
- resources for setting up your own business online
- providing more exposure to your store
- tips and helpful guides
(If you submit to us an useful article (written by yourself), you can also include a paragraph about yourself and provide a link to your shop/store. This will be an excellent way to advertise your services.)

***Please Note***
We regret to inform that we will not provide for blogshops listings in this community. (There are plenty of them around already.)

Do you have any suggestions for us? Please drop us a message.

Have fun making your own jewelry/jewellery!